Search Engine Optimization


You know you need to write content, but are you creating the right content to position your business as an authority? WHO Marketing specializes in auditing your existing site for improvements and finding gaps to create new content that has high value and a high return on your time and investment.

Natural, or often called Organic, search engine optimization is the unpaid listing of your website in search engine indexes and ranking in search results. People type or voice a query and a listing of websites on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are produced. Improving your site positioning through best practices is one aspect of SEO.

White Hat Ops takes the time to learn about your business so we can optimize your site, app, and profiles. We don’t use a cookie cutter approach to keyword planning and content.

Tired of not understanding what your SEO Agency is doing for you? We understand and love teaching with transparency. There are many factors to consider when creating a content optimization strategy and they are all related. Understanding the marketing principles of your target audience and competition will help in positioning. Properly building content created for your clients and prospects creates a long-term strategy for success. Organizing all this information for SEO will make sure search engines see your business.

We pride ourselves on helping business show their best features and be indexed for their search targets. All in agile marketing sprints with a defined beginning and end dates.

SEO Agency and Consulting

Our primary service is working with clients in an ongoing partnership to update their website for search engine optimization and develop content strategies to work with your online presence. As new content is researched and strategically added, as search engine features change, we work with you to keep your site engaging and running at top speed.

SEO Services and Digital Strategy at our agency includes:

Technical SEO Audit Services

We see under the hood of a lot of sites. This helps us see what works and how to discover common problems. Comprehensive review and analysis of content, structure, and code are followed with prioritized suggestions delivered to your team along with a timeline for improvement.

Topic and Keyphrase Research

We listen to you to develop a deep appreciation of your business. We study how prospects talk about your sector, then use multiple sources to create a keyphrase strategy with very specific targets. Keyword mapping is the foundation of a comprehensive SEO program.

Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance such as GDPR and CCPA are the precedents for a series of new compliance guidelines that will be implemented over time. We monitor guidelines and legislation and provide the means to keep your website and terms current with the latest requirements.

Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

User experience and the trustworthiness of your digital presence have always been the right thing to focus on. Google and search engines understand the frustration that visitors experience with slow-loading sites, interactions, and shifting elements that obscure the content relevant to their search. White Hat Ops provides developers that can speed up your site.

Competitor Benchmark Analysis

Discover your competitors and their strengths and weakness on the web. Surprisingly, these may not be the same competitors your sales team identifies. Learn about the gaps in your online vs. offline strategy and how you can use competitor data to determine your success and set achievable goals.

Google Penalty Rehabilitation

Did the phone stop ringing? Are you checking your spam folder for contact forms? You may be under a Google Penalty without knowing it. We have successfully reformed link profiles and site content to bring sites back into indexing and ranking even higher than before. Our sustainable and ethical approach means you won’t suffer the consequences of a penalty again.

Local SEO

Making sure your business is found locally is critical. From voice search to “near me” queries, if you rely on visits to your location, we can support your business.

Search Engine Optimization Pricing

Every client strategy is unique and we won’t manage each project the same. But, we do provide a consistent and targeted approach to your campaigns using SEO Sprints with defined beginning and end dates and transparent pricing.

White Hat Ops SEO management fees are based on projects or sprints to provide clear deliverables and time management and begin at $1200 per Sprint. Sprints can be repeated and expanded as needed for ongoing services. Our processes are designed to either “do-it-for-you” or “do-it-with-you” and work with your in-house marketing team to help support them.

We begin each project by providing clients with Admin access to reports, timelines, and establishing measurable outcomes. We believe clients should be involved, participate, and feel confident that we are working together toward the same goals. 

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