Technical SEO Audit Services

WHO SEO Audit Sprint = Actionable Data To Improve WebsiteS In Search

Business-to-business companies rely on both websites and sales teams to bring in new business.

Marketing teams that work in-house for brands and those at agencies rely on our deep expertise in Search Engine Optimization to evaluate their current website. We make prioritized recommendations for improvements both in usability and technical performance and can help implement those changes when needed.

WHO Digital Strategy is trusted by clients and agencies to provide Custom Technical SEO Audit Sprints that get results.

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We address multiple areas of review in our technical website audit projects.

We know there is a balance between “nice to have” updates that require heavy resources and prioritizing updates that will lead to an optimally running website.

WHO Digital Strategy uses over 15 years of experience to go beyond automated crawls and generic reports. WHO delivers a custom report package with clear next steps and directions for overall site performance for each and every URL on your site. More than just a score and free download after crawling your site, this is for taking action.

Let our expert technicians use our tools to crawl your website, cross-walk data from Google and 3rd party software, evaluate the results, and provide the prioritized roadmap to improve your site traffic quality. We take the time to learn about your business vertical and look under the hood of your website to make specific recommendations.

What Goes Into Your Website Audit?

Our experienced team will forensically review multiple performance factors that can impact your search positions. Our team uses API data from 6 trusted SEO data sources to begin learning about your site:

XML sitemaps – to get a list of URLs included in your Sitemap

Screaming Frog – to get a full list of URLs and files uploaded to your site, page titles, metas, canonical tags and word count per page

Ahrefs – to get a list of the links pointing to your website and which pages they point to

SEMRush – to get your current keyword rankings and which pages they correlate to

Google Analytics – to get sales, leads, and traffic data from search engines

Google Search Console – to get SERP impressions and page level click through rates in Google 

Our tools and SEO Strategists aggregate this data and allow us to assess quality metrics at the domain down to the page level. From here, we can make decisions about what to do with every page on your site. 

In addition, we use tools and checklists to assess usability, accessibility, security, and schema implementation. We work with sites from 20 pages to millions of pages to troubleshoot technical and crawling issues.

WHO Digital Technical SEO Audit Contents include:

technical seo audit spreadsheet by url

  • Prioritized Recommendations for Improvement
  • Content strategy recommendations
  • Crawl and Indexing reviews
  • Content analysis for every URL
  • Navigation and Usability analysis
  • Page Speed and coding review
  • Schema review and recommendations
  • On-Page SEO analysis
  • Link Analysis External and Internal error tracking
  • Benchmarking and Competitive review

We can Do-It-With-You or Do-It-For-You.

Our goal is to create stand-alone audit deliverables that can be clearly addressed by your marketing or IT team. We act as your partner to provide an outside opinion on the current state and priority of updates. Most marketing and technical departments are overtasked with a full list of daily responsibilities. We take care of the technical audit so they can easily execute the overall marketing strategy.

If you need someone to act on the recommendations, we can help in that area and implement the changes.

Use your audit to make sure your site or your client sites are running at optimal performance for speed, vitals, usability, and indexing for all search engines!

Let WHO Digital Strategy provide a comprehensive Technical Site Audit with a clear path for upgrades with details on how to plug any leaky holes in your website performance. Call us at 713-581-4736 or Contact our Technical Team.