SearchHOU September Meetup

The Game Show Guide to Schema Optimization & Penalties

Casey Markee

Houston's most in-depth and informative digital marketing meetup. 

Schema Optimization is a topic that is confusing to even experienced digital marketers but has continued to increase in scope and value with it now being essential for most sites operating in competitive niches.

However, this rise in the number of sites using schema has also caused a steep climb in the awarding of Spammy Structured Data Penalties by Google against sites using this schema incorrectly. These new Manual Penalties have become the bane of site owners and SEOs alike and can stop a site’s traffic and visibility in its tracks.

In this session, with Schema Penalty expert Casey Markee, attendees will browse test cases on some of the most frustrating and interesting Spammy Structured Data cases the speaker has personally resolved. Learn how to find, unwind and prevent future similar actions from befalling your own sites and those of your clients and most importantly, learn when (and where) to ask for help.

Attendees can expect to learn all the following:

* Schema, what’s the big deal with Google?
* Popular Myths about Schema in a fun Jeopardy format.
* Details on the Google Spammy Structured Data Manual Action penalty.
* How to Recover from this type of Google Manual Action penalty.

Location: The Black Sheep Agency
611 W 22nd Street
Houston , TX 77008

Date: Sept. 20, 2018, 7 p.m. - Sept. 20, 2018, 9 p.m.