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Understanding your online competition can have a powerful impact on your marketing strategy and it all starts with competitive market research.

Get the information you need to make smart business decisions and find new opportunities. Research a new market or niche, optimize your media buying and marketing strategies, and monitor the competition.

Learn who Google ranks as your competition and their visibility in online searches, advertising, and changes in ranking for top phrases. Hint: The competition that you know locally or by brand may not be who Google categorizes for your competition. 

With strategic research we have helped companies develop product launch strategies, research gap analysis in a competitive landscape, research naming options, and reveal who owns the online market share with gaps and opportunities.

Marketing Research Services:

  • Marketing Competitor Analysis
  • Learn about your direct online competitors
  • Understand the organic overlap of competitor research
  • See backlink profiles for competitors
  • Know the top ranking brands for competitive phrases
  • Measure organic market for keyword research
  • Create digital advertising budgets for market share
  • Find gaps in search volume and content marketing
  • Evaluate domain name health for merging brands

We use competitor analysis tools and our positioning research to help your team develop an online marketing strategy based on competitive research. We show you how to be more competitive and the steps needed to reach your market audience.

Prices start as low as $800. The White Hat Ops team portfolio includes local and global brands. 

Contact our White Hat Ops marketing research team today to discuss your research project, ongoing monitoring of competitive market share, or a special project needing valuable information.

Get started with White Hat Marketing to see metrics driven results.

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