Analytics Services


Analytics and Reporting Analysis

“Data is the new oil.” It is the top commodity of the world and growing exponentially. Sharing, consuming, and understanding data is more important than ever. ~ Duane Forrester

Analytics Reporting

Monitoring and management of digital marketing metrics from multiple data sources. Establishment of benchmarks and drilling down to the information you need for business decisions.

GTM and Google Analytics Implementation

Get started with correct reporting and goals to stay in touch with your results. We set up profiles, Google Tag Manager, can run GA4 in parallel, and build reporting dashboards. We work with you to establish measurable goals.

Data Audit

Have too much data and can’t see the trees? Can’t trust your analytics? We help sift through the data points, events, and filters to determine traffic sources. We explain as much or as little as you want to know while giving you confidence in reporting.

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