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SEO Company - Organic Optimization

Natural, or often called Organic, search engine optimization is the unpaid listing of your website in search engine indexes and pages. People type or voice a query and the listing of website answers on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are produced. Improving your site listing through best practices is one aspect of SEO.

White Hat Ops takes the time to learn about your business so we can optimize your site, app and profiles. We don't use a cookie cutter approach to keyword planning.

There are many factors to consider when creating a content optimization strategy and they are all related. Understanding the marketing principles of your target audience and competition will help in positioning. Properly building content created for your clients and prospects creates a long term strategy for success. Organizing all this information for SEO will make sure search engines see your business.

We pride ourselves on helping business show their best features and be indexed for their search targets.

Ongoing SEO Consulting

Our primary service is working with clients in an ongoing partnership to update their website for search engine optimization. As new content is researched and strategically added, as search engine features change, we work with you to keep your site engaging and running at top speed. 

SEO and Digital Strategy at our agency includes:


Technical Site Audit Services

We see under the hood of a lot of sites. This helps us see what works and how to discover common problems. Comprehensive review and analysis of content, structure, and code are followed with prioritized suggestions delivered to your team along with a timeline for improvement. 


Competitor Benchmark Analysis

Discover your competitors and their strengths and weakness on the web. Surprisingly, these may not be the same competitors your sales team identifies. Learn about the gaps in your online vs. offline strategy and how you can use competitior data to determine your success and set achievable goals.


Keyphrase Research

We listen to you to develop a deep appreciation of your business. We study how prospects talk about your sector, then use multiple sources to create a keyphrase strategy with very specific targets. Keyword maping is the foundation of a comprehensive SEO program.


Google Penalty Rehabilitation

Did the phone stop ringing? Are you checking your spam folder for contact forms? You may be under a Google Penalty without knowing it. We have successfully reformed link profiles and site content to bring sites back into indexing and ranking even higher than before. Our sustainable and ethical approach means you won't suffer the consequences of a penalty again.


Audience Targeted Marketing

Leads are fine, conversions from your target market are better. We work with your management team to refine your target markets based on our knowledge of digital personas. We market and advertise to the segments that matter most.


Site Architecture and Usability

Creating a clear, useful website that answers a problem or solves a task is valuable in terms of search engine ranking. If people or search engines can't see how your website answers their question, they ignore you.


Content Strategy Conversion Optimization

Writing for search engines and people should not cause a conflict. We help you craft information that is useful to your audience, encourages their engagement and provides clear calls to action without sounding salesy. Then we test, test and test. What works now may not work in the future, so we monitor conversion optimization to continuously improve.  


Analytics for website Performance

The intersection of data and analysis can lead to confusion or great insights. Knowing how to capture metrics, what data to look at, how much of it to look at and helping you understand how to actionably use the information helps grow your business. 


Marketing Consultants

Your team handles many different tasks and sometimes they need a partner to help with strategy or implementation. We work with your marketing department to give them the support they need to do their job the best. 


White Hat SEO is part of an overall Search Engine Marketing Strategy

In addition to search optimization, we also offer online advertising setup and management for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and ad placement.  We provide ongoing website maintenance and web development for WordPress, Tendenci and other CMS content management systems to keep your site running smoothly.

Working in sync with your long term organic search growth, we can focus on seasonal placements, special events and overal new target acquisitions from your website. We help your website be one of the strongest members of your sales team. In some cases, your website is your only sales team and we help businesses establish and grow profitably from their web presence alone.

Like our name suggests, we focus on White Hat practices or long term sustainable positioning in search engines. We accomplish this with unique and helpful content that contributes to the overall best use of the web. Learn how White Hat Ops can create a specific SEO program for you and your brand. Call us at 713-581-4736 or Contact White Hat Ops for Digital Search

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