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PPC Management to expand reach, convert visitors and grow your business

Adwords and paid online media is the core of many digital campaigns. Making sure your dollars are used wisely is more important than ever.

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is digital advertising delivered via the web, devices and apps. It is aptly named, since the advertiser does not pay until there are clicks on an ad. A smart PPC strategy aligned with marketing goals brings profitable sales leads to your website and apps.

Today's paid advertising is a very efficient use of a marketing budget. We build ads that are targeted and delivered to geographic and demographic segments. 

We manage your goals and budget with strict guidelines.

We study innovative trends and evaluate against performance strategy to deliver the best mix of advertising placement for your specifc goals.

White Hat Ops - We build online ad campaigns for results

We have a long and steady history of listening to you (our clients) and treating your budget like it was our own. White Hat Ops doesn't stop there. Whether it is donor and brand acquisition for non-profits or product sales and lead generation for business, we build a unique solution for your paid advertising campaigns. 



Google AdWords, Bing and other partners provide opportunity for cost per click (CPC) search ads, display, video and targeted ad solutions. We setup, maintain and audit paid search campaigns that bring you the leads you want.



Reaching prospects in all stages of the buying journey is possible with retargeting in traditional search networks, display and social networks. 


Lead Generation

From B2B to supporting your product launch, reaching and converting a visitor to a lead is what counts. A typical business lead uses nearly ten online sources of info and research before calling or filling out a contact form. We work in all stages of the lead generation funnel to build your usefulness to search queries.


Mobile Targeted

Call-Only campaigns and app driven campaigns are designed to reach users on their devices. There is a whole new way of digital marketing on the horizon including wearables, beacons and searches withour browsers. Are you ready? We get you there. 


Social Media Advertising

Finding your posts disappearing in the noise? We focus on audience segments to promote campaigns and raise awareness of your brand. Matching the right message to the audience cuts through the noise. We curate new audiences with targeted messages in text, photos and video.


Google Grant Management for NonProfits

Receive from $10,000 to $40,000 a month of in-kind advertisng, Google Apps, Mappng and more for your eligilble nonprofit. We appreciate the mission and focus of nonprofits and associations and help guide you through the process of applying and utilizing your grant. 


Houston PPC Marketing - We set up and Manage Local, National and International Campaigns

Small companies and large multi-nationals can compete successfully in Pay Per Click markets no matter the budget. Segmentation tools allow us to manage your Pay Per Click budget by demographics, geographics down to the neighborhood, spending habits, B2B, B2C and re-target via multiple devices. Whew, that's a lot, but gives us the flexibilty to create your unique campaign. 

Contact White Hat Ops to discuss your PPC Marketing budget, cost per acquisition and how to get started.

We are a Google Partner agency in good standing meaning we have the credentials verified by Google to support online advertising, and we meet or exceed customer best practices and support to our clients. 


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